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This studio space has been in the game since 1989 and a lot has changed since it began. 
Unit One is owned by Wayne Thompson, a popular local drummer, recording engineer and teacher in Colchester, Essex. Since his arrival in July 2017, the studio has seen some big changes and with many more to come! 

Unit One is located in the Eastgates Industrial Estate, with easy and quick access to Colchester town and it's amenities. The business began in 1989, it started under the name Legends Studios. Back then, the unit was bare, with no rooms and no equipment. 3 rooms were built, soundproofed and equipped with quality gear. Since then, it has seen many changes. One of which lasted for 11 years while the ownership was under the responsibility of the Moodie family. Along side the management of their local music store Music Warehouse, they took over Legend Studios and changed the name to the Unit One name you know now and also added an extra 4th room.

It is now going through even more change. Since Wayne has taken over, a lot of planning and forward thinking has taken place with many positive changes that have become a welcome stay throughout the studio.

Along with free tea and coffee facilities :)

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