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Phone: 07931396269

Address: Unit 1 Eastgates Industrial Estate Moorside Business Centre, Colchester CO1 2TJ


Note: Once you turn on to the road facing Rollerworld, take the first left and follow it under the bridge (it is quite narrow but many vans/lorries pass though there ever day) and carry on until you see the Unit One sign.

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Studio Rules & Policies

Welcome to Unit One Studios!

The number one place to go for great recordings, rehearsals and lessons. With a friendly atmosphere and tea and coffee all day long, many of the talented bands of Essex travel to Unit One to use its facilities.


To make your time here go as smooth as possible, here are a few things to keep in mind. Don’t worry, there is nothing scary here!


Rehearsal Rooms

Each room is equipped with a 5 piece Natal Cafe Racer drum kit, with all the stands you need, Orange, Marshall, Blackstar and Peavey amplifiers along with a variety of Ashdown bass amp heads and cabs. All available within the cost of the room hire!


Now I know we can all get a little carried away within the heat of moment during an exciting practice session, but please do take care of the equipment and do your best to leave the rooms as you would expect to find them.


DRUMMERS! This one is for you. If you need a hi hat clutch, just ask. As precious as felts and wing nuts may seem, they are important to the studio as well, so please put them back on the stands when you are finished with them. The tom toms are not made to lean on the bass drums, that’s what the tom arm holders are for! 


If you are in need of any assistance or need a specific piece of gear, Wayne, Heidi or another member of Unit One will be floating around somewhere. Most likely upstairs, so feel free to wander on up and ask away, we don’t bite!


Cancellation Policy

Unfortunately, things happen. And when they do, you may need to cancel your session. In which case there will be a fee to pay if notice is not given within 48 hours. This fee will be half of the cost of the original booking. For example, if you booked in for a 3 hour session, which costs £30, but then had to cancel within 48 hours of the booking time, you would be liable for paying a £15 cancellation fee, half the cost of the original hire of the room.


Paying For Your Session

You can pay at the start or at the end of your booked time. Please find a member of Unit One and he/she will take the payment from you. You can pay with cash or card, whatever is easiest for you!



There are cold drinks and snacks in the fridge by the stairs, which has a little money box for you to throw your 70p in for every drink or snack you choose.

Tea and coffee is also available, help yourself!

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