Recording here at Unit One is flexible and affordable. With great quality as well as an amazing group of talented musicians to call upon during any recording session, you can be sure to get the sounds you are hearing from your head, on to your recordings.

A whole bunch of professional gear is available for any bands/individuals to use during the recording sessions. The heart of the studio is the Presonus Studiolive 24.4.2AI mixing desk, this has great preamps built in which insures a quality recording every time. Running along side the studios powerful iMac, recording into Logic Pro X, anything is possible.

Along with names such as Rhode, AKG, Shure, Drum Workshop, Meinl, Fender, Ashdown, TC Electronics, Sontronics just to name a few brands that we work with here at Unit One.

Need demos for your cover band project, no problem. Want to record a full album, go for it. Or maybe you just want drums recorded, that is also possible.

Singing (Popular with kids and families)

Fancy singing your heart out to your favourite songs and having them to take home with you? We can set you up with fun and friendly vocal recording sessions for you to get it all out.

You choose what songs you want to sing along to and we record it all for you. 


Drum Tracks / Guitar Tracks / Vocal Tracks

In need of quality drum tracks, guitar solos or smooth vocals?

Not only can we produce a quality drum sound, we have a whole bunch of talented drummers, guitarists and vocalists ready to lay down some huge sounds for your music.



Hourly Rate: £25.00

Day rates, 7-8 hours: £150.00


Multiple day/week sessions are also welcome and prices can be arranged in respect of this.

Prices differ when adding other musicians to the recording project. Feel free to call or text to find out more.